Behind the Camera...

I'm a photographer who loves food, exploring, and new experiences. I want to capture it all. My style is natural and honest. I seek to make photographs like the human eye sees the world.

I'm Marla Thach, a 20-something year old who is determined to document all of life's raw beauty. Based in the Northern Virginia area but always up for adventure. I believe wholeheartedly in enjoying the simplicity of life, doing what scares you the most, exploring, and laughing with the ones you love.

My photography is centered around the idea that this is your life and you don't want to forget these moments or days. The best days. Those smiles, those tears. The candid moments, the highs and lows in your life. It's all worth remembering. I love seeing the little quirks that make up a person, a couple, a family. By natural light and discovering gorgeous locations, I strive to capture people just as they are, those unique details are what create the best photos.


Photographs are one of the few things we get to pass on to future generations. I've spent countless hours digging through bins and boxes overflowing with pictures of friends and family. Polaroid film and little 4x6 prints that take me back. There's nothing I love more than seeing the raw, natural moments of those I love most.

These photos are what will be hanging on your walls, inserted in photo albums and wallets, and floating around your Facebook and Instagram accounts for years to come. Your children and grandchildren will one day (inevitably) laugh at your outfit choices and strange hairstyles ("Why was ombré a thing?"). But in that moment, how sweet will it be to know that on that very day in your past, you were captured exactly as you were.